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Tired of Unproductive Meetings?

Sick of Off the Shelf Training that Doesn’t Apply?

Bored with Speeches and Keynotes that Leave You Hanging?

We know the business environment is complex, urgent and unpredictable. Therefore, how do companies and associations achieve value-creating growth? More importantly, how do they sustain it?

Expert Facilitation & Training understands the issues organizations face as they grow and can help your business meet and exceed its objectives.

Through our innovative services of: Meeting and Conference Facilitation , Customized Training Workshops and Keynote Speeches; we provide expert and independent advice that is practical, proactive, and designed to help you strategically align and achieve your objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

I recognize how essential the “human factor” is in realizing your organization’s vision, in today’s relentlessly changing world. Recognizing change and responding to it effectively are vital to a corporation’s strategic direction and performance. I am therefore committing my services to help you foster effective leadership, group dynamics and superior team performance.

Welcome to my website!

Kimberly Graber MA, President
Expert Facilitation & Training, LLC





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